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BUT passed BGPP review successfully

Published細2015-11-13 Author細admin 鍒嗕韩鍒癚Q绌洪棿 鍒嗕韩鍒版版寰鍗 鍒嗕韩鍒颁汉汉 杞创鍒寮蹇冪綉 鍒嗕韩鍒拌吘璁寰鍗

      On November 12, Fred Sun, Chemical Engineer from Caterpillar Wuxi Research and Development Center conducted 2015 annual Painting Audit for BUT. The painting audit agenda was hosted by Caterpillar PCE Chao Li and the painting team made of Technology Department, Quality Department, Management Department, Production Department, WTS Branch and the First Branch participated in this audit. Under the joint efforts of various departments, BUT passed the audit successfully.
      In this review, Fred Sun expressed recognition to BUT’s efforts and improvement in the painting equipment management and staff training, and provided professional guidance and standards for our painting production process. The two sides discussed the problems found during the audit and the understanding of standard details and put forward a lot of professional practical advice for us.
      During the audit, Fred Sun’s meticulous observation and earnest rigorous work attitude gave us a very deep impression. At the same time, this also let us know that whether the audit and the usual work, the overall control decides whether we can do well and detail determines whether we can reach a new level. In the review meeting, Fred Sun pointed out that BGPP audit requires production process control for each product, only through comprehensive consideration, careful management and continuous improvement, can we produce better products.
      Painting audit is a long-term and effective continuous improvement plan for Caterpillar suppliers, and we always need to implement and execution. We need to put the painting audit project into normal production in order to optimize our production process and improve product quality, so that the painting process is depicted a more beautiful color in the company’s future development.