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2015 BUT the welding audit and product audit successfully concluded

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      On November 24, Yanan Deng, PCE of caterpillar global supply network division銆丮urakami, hydraulic excavator expert and Huali Zong, welding engineer of caterpillar technology research and development center as an team came to BUT perform the 2015 annual audit for welding and product quality. The meeting was held by Mr Lichao. caterpillar control engineer. Gao Erqing, president of BUT, Liu Xueqiang, Vice GM and Huang Tinglei, QA Manager as well as BUT銆welding audit team which lead by Sha Qingfen and product audit team which lead by Wang Yanchun accompany the auit.銆
      The audit agenda included welding audit, product audit, the discussion about control difficulty in the production and the site audit of four links. Welding audit and product audit mainly inspected the implementation about the audit improvement. Welding improvement item involved personnel management, file maintenance, technological process, quality improvement, etc. BUT completion rate was 100% and met audit requirements. Welding audit composite scores increased to 74.2 points. Product improvements item was 12 and completion was 100%.
      After the review, the two sides personnel has carried on the deep discussion about weld size control, skirt rack hole location and robot welding etc In the manufacturing.
      In the summary of the meeting for review, Panel of experts agreed to what the BUT achieved and thanked BUT for supporting Carter audit work over the past year. Liu Xueqiang, Deputy General Manager, said the two audits provided new directions and ideas for setting up excellent quality and product management system and it was an effective incentive measures, which is in the endless, to raise the level of supplier of welding and product management. BUT will continue to work hard and feed back more high-quality product to customers.
      Welding audit and product audit work was conducted by Carter aimed at promoting the comprehensive management ability of supplier to the product.  BUT always attaches great importance to the two audit work and makes efforts to practice relevant audit items. Based on the status of BUT, in 2016, the key work of welding audit is site management and put the management idea and method in the audit into the actual production.